PLAY BEYOND / All are equal.

Play Beyond, a project created by Transform Community Group, is powered by members from the health, athletic, creative, business and entrepreneurial sectors.

Play Beyond is an innovative physical literacy program that educates, empowers and creates environments for youth where sports are used as a driver to create positive change.

Play Beyond is a project that:

– Utilizes sports to engage positively with youth.
– Works with celebrated athletes as ‘Play Beyond Leaders.
– Makes use of unique physical spaces to get youth more engaged.
– Encourages diversity, team work and learning.
– Offers an ongoing healthy and positive solution for parents to bring their children.
– Empowers young adults to teach youth the basic tools from what they learned. through their experiences with sports.
– Collaborates and builds with people directly from the communities participating.



Calling all kids! Join us at Glebe United Church for a fun afternoon of basketball and other indoor sports
led by former college basketball star Brian Pierre from Transform Toronto and powered by Unity Sports.

Glebe is opening its doors to young people, focused on kids ages 5 and up, to learn basic physical movement skills and have fun!

Parental approval is required and space is limited. So email us today attim@gilbertslaw.cato indicate your interest or just drop in on
There’s no cost to coming out but donations are graciously received.

We are looking forward to seeing you!